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Welcome to
ILUMINA by Tamara Groen

Welcome to

by Tamara Groen

Our mission is to connect in synchronicity to live in harmony… To create space to inspire those we work with back to themselves; into deep communion with their wild truth & the alchemising of their internal shadows into gold. Sustainable in the heart, mind, soul, body and surroundings.

. Inmersion  Experience .

Tantra Retreats

The Art of  Tantra

A magical 6-day guided experience for those who are ready to illuminate their path to soul-centered love.

Inmersion into Tantra

A magical 6-day guided experience for those ready to take their practice to new heights and alchemise their shadows into gold.

Celebrating Love

A magical 6-day tantra retreat for couples to root and grow their intimate relationship into more authenticity, trust and love.

. With Love .

Private Sessions

Couple Session

Rising Love

Love ceremony for couples who wish to rekindle or celebrate their relationship and explore new depths of intimacy and devotion

Individual Sessions

Therapeutic Breathwork

Conscious connected breathing
A clear road to inner freedom

Individual Sessions

Tantra Massage

Four elements
tantra massage

. About .

Tamara Groen

Tamara is a free, sensual and vibrant spirit, who is wildly passionate about living in harmony with nature. Her mission is to invite authenticity into the world, and to empower you to live your full embodied potential.

As a Transformational therapeutic Breathwork and Trauma Release Practitioner, a Thai & Tantric Massage Bodyworker, she inspires her work by Anahata & Tantra Kriya Yoga, the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and many more.

Tamara views Tantra as a spiritual path that invites us to embrace every aspect of life and approach them as an opportunity to expand. It can help us to feel lighter and more relaxed, be present in connection to oneself & others and feel alive & free. 

Ilumina a path to soul centered harmony
. Our Philosophy .
We follow a holistic approach by cultivating the essentials
Tamara Groen

Our Team

Ilumina is a laboratory for life, rooted in community and personal freedom. A movement of people living freely, in harmony with nature.

We know that we are that nature. It’s time to regenerate the ecosystems of our body and beyond – to all living beings through the symbiotic nature of tribe.

. We love to hear from you .