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1 till 7th of May 2025

Celebrating Love

Couples Retreat

A magical 6-day tantra retreat for couples to root and grow their intimate relationship into more authenticity, trust and love.

Our relationship can be an infinite source of joy, aliveness, happiness and (spiritual) growth. Most relationships start out feeling this way, but once the first butterflies fade, you may find yourself with a partnership that feels boring and lifeless.

Celebrating Love

Do you want to bring more intimacy into your relationship?

You love each other, but sometimes you lose sight of each other’s true beauty, and let daily life overrule your connection. At times, you’re hearing each other but you cannot manage to truly listen. You both know you want your relationship to be more caring and loving, but you keep falling back into patterns of fear and disconnection.

Intimate relationships can be the gateway to bliss and aliveness that lie at the heart of our being. But they are also one of our most challenging mirrors. They can bring up our deepest fears, wounds, insecurities, and triggers, if we don’t know how to navigate them in a healthy way.

Open to a new way of being together

Celebrating Love is an invitation to grow and expand beyond what you ever thought was possible. You will practice opening your heart through the joy of loving and admiring the beauty in your partner. To truly meet and see each other again.

Using sensual practices and conscious communication tools, you will be able to transform and expand your relationship. You will explore the divine play between feminine and masculine principles and understand the role of attraction and playfulness. We welcome you into a safe and sacred space of ceremony, play, growth, ritual, joy and devotion in which your journey can unfold.

Celebrating Love

Jakob & Bex

  • Do you wish to meet yourself and your partner on deeper levels?

  • To enter new territories of honesty and openness together?

  • To feel emotionally connected and supported?

  • To learn powerful tools that are easy to implement in daily life?

  • Do you desire to become a more authentic lover and learn new ways to offer and receive pleasure?

  • Do you long for better communication, especially when it comes to sensitive and intimate topics?

  • Are you curious about the world of tantra and Sacred Sexuality?

Whatever the calling is for you, there are so many layers to uncover in this retreat, and you will learn useful tools and practices to bring into your daily life.

Rising in Love

What can this retreat bring to your relationship?

  • Open-hearted communication: you will get the possibility to get closer to each other by authentically expressing your needs and desires

  • Deeper levels of intimacy: you will explore what intimacy means for you and your relationship

  • Rituals to create a magical space together, which you can easily continue practicing in your own private space

  • Your intimate and sex life will rise to a whole new level

  • Freshness in your relationship: rekindle your curiosity for each other

  • A connection between the two of you that feels stronger than ever

Celebrating Love

“Ilumina has been quite a life changing experience! Not only did it help me connect deeply to myself in such a heart centered and authentic way but it also connected me with incredible people who have truly become my family. The facilitators deeply embody the work they are teaching which is just so fundamental as a guide and it also really supports your process. The retreat always has such an amazing balance of masculine and feminine energy which is felt throughout. This type of self work is so important for everyone and I couldn’t recommend this safe container highly enough. I am forever grateful for these experience and these people in my life.”


Is this retreat for us?

In our retreats, we see couples who are just beginning their journey. We also see couples who have been together for a long time and are ready for a change.

​You are welcome whether you are monogamous or open, struggling or thriving, experienced or brand new to tantra. All you need is commitment: to each other, to the process and to love itself. You are willing to enter with an open mind and a curious heart…

This retreat is open to couples of all genders and orientations. Please contact us if your relational form has more than two people.

Celebrating Love

What can you expect?

This journey is based on intuition, deep inner work and 15+ years of experience in the field of tantra, breathwork and somatic sexuality. 

During the retreat, we will use powerful techniques such as breathwork, consent and boundary practices, mirroring, temple arts, dance, shadow work, tantric practices, somatics, embodied sexuality techniques, systemic work and conscious touch.

In Celebrating Love, you learn how to own your own sexuality and truth, so that you can fully show up to meet your beloved. It will help you to create intimacy based on honesty, attraction and devotion.

You receive six all-inclusive days with:

  • Accommodations for 6 nights in a beautiful space that will inspire your journey

  • An experienced team of facilitators and space holders

  • A transformative experience that will change both your life and relationship on a deep level

  • Delicious vegetarian or vegan meals, which are aligned with the journey, in harmony with nature and the seasons. We invite you to nourish your body and yourself with natural, organic and local ingredients and we will show you how you can find your best nutrition through simplicity and conscience. All your meals will be prepared by our medicine chef Nauj and team.


  • Flight to Marrakech

  • Transfer to the location
    Private costs 100 €
    Shared max 10 persons for 180 €

In order to create a safe space and guide every couple as best we can, we work with a small group of no more than 6 couples.

You are most welcome.

Celebrating Love

What a day in the retreat looks like

  • 8.30 Morning practice

  • 9.30 Breakfast

  • 11.00 Program

  • 13.00 Lunch

  • 15.30 Program

  • 19.00 Dinner

  • 20.30 Evening Program

Celebrating love
Celebrating Love
Inmersion into Tantra

Tamara Groen

Your facilitator

Together with her experienced team, Tamara will be your guide and facilitator. Tamara is on a mission to empower others to open their heart and live their soul’s purpose. She is a co-founder of Ilumina and is dedicated to supporting you to reconnect with yourself and your partner.

With 15+ years experience in both tantra and breathwork, as well as a background in business and sales she embodies a balance of spirituality and down- to- earth manifestation.

Frequently asked questions

We have no experience in tantra. Is this retreat for us?

Definitely, you don’t need to have any experience with Tantra. This workshop is for you if you’re curious what Tantra is about and/or if you wish for more ease in your life. We understand that if you are new to Tantra, registering for a workshop can be already a big step that can be outside of your comfort zone. During this retreat you will be able to do the exercises at your own pace, and you will learn useful exercises and tools you can practice at home.

We are not hetrosexual. Is this retreat for us?

Of course! This workshop is open for everyone – men and women (regardless of sexual orientation), non-binary individuals, all are super welcome. You do this retreat first and foremost for your partnership.

How is the support after the retreat?

There is a possibility for a longer trajectory with one of the facilitators, which you can follow either online or offline.

What is the added value of doing this retreat in a group setting?

The group process is a valuable support to recognize that we all share similar experiences. You will do all exercises together with your partner, but the other couples serve as your mirrors. Besides that, it’s a lot of fun!

One or both of us use medication to influence my/our mental state. How to deal with this during the retreat?

Please communicate about this beforehand with one of the facilitators if you are not sure this will influence your experience. This retreat can be therapeutic, but it is not therapy. For those who decide to join, they do so on their own responsibility.

Can we have a one-on-one with the facilitator(s)?

Yes, if you need some support,before, during and after the retreat, the facilitators are available.

Do I have to get naked?

No, and you will never ‘have to’ do anything with us. Nudity can be invited, but will never be obligated. We will always support you when you express a boundary and decide to not join an exercise.

I do not have the money at the moment. Is there anything we can arrange?

There are spread payment plans.; if the costs still exceed your means, please contact Tamara so that we can discuss our options.

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