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Sauna Experience

Mobile Sauna

Experience in the comfort of your home

Feeling like a day of relaxation? Treat yourself in style by renting a mobile sauna in Ibiza. It’s perfect to wind down after a day at the beach or to host intimate gatherings and celebrations.

Our mobile sauna can be set up anywhere on the island, whether it be in nature or in your backyard. It is handcrafted with great care and love, and made from natural materials of the highest quality. Its warm wooden interior provides a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

You can rent the sauna for a day, a weekend, or even longer with flexible rental options. We will take care of the setup and breakdown, leaving you free to just relax and enjoy.

Make your reservation now and get ready for the ultimate wellness experience.


The delivery includes enough wood for plenty of sauna time. 

Hamam Experience

Possibility to emerge in a sacred journey where your senses are stimulated, you will bathe in a relaxing and soothing experience of our professional washing and caring for your body. For more info contact us.

Exchange donation:

1 day € 288
2 days € 444
3 days € 555
4 days € 666
5 days € 777
6 days € 888
7 days € 999