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The Art of  Tantra

Welcome all levels

A magical 6-day guided experience for those who are ready to illuminate their path to soul-centered love

Beautiful being,

I see you, and I know it is not always easy. I’ve been there, and I still am at times… I also know it can be different. I’m here to remind you that you’re not alone. There are tools available.

Imagine waking up one morning feeling deeply connected and free. Capable of giving yourself what you seek in contact with others.

Your newly reclaimed freedom, sense of belonging and self-love allow you to use your full creative spectrum. Seeking approval and allowing boundaries to be crossed belong to the past. 

You feel the strength to live up to your full potential. Because you’ve found the key to living a more joyful, authentic, empowered and loving life.

You still have fears, but your confidence is stronger because you have a big toolkit to deal with life in a conscious way. Your sensitivity and intuition are your magic powers. You enrich your own life and the lives of your loved ones. You shine your light into this world without holding back.

‘Opportunity to transform your biggest life challenges into ease in only six days’

This retreat is for you when you:

  • Want to change, step out of routines and patterns, release brakes and live your full potential

  • Desire more free expression, clarity, honesty, connection and celebration in your life

  • Have a wish to feel and communicate your deepest desires and clearest boundaries

  • Want to reconnect with your sensitivity

  • Are ready to make choices in life that make sense and feel true to your inner calling

  • Have a deep commitment to live in complete freedom

  • Long for a tribe of like-hearted people where you’ll feel truly seen, loved and accepted just as you are

  • Want to go on an inner journey involving intimacy and sacred somatic sexuality

Art of Tantra is a transformative journey for those who are ready to shine more light on their path to soul-centered love. Whatever the calling is for you, there are so many layers to uncover in this retreat, and you will learn useful practical tools to help you realize your desires.

“I had no idea what to expect, and I was super nervous before attending. It has been an incredible journey, meeting wonderful people and truly feeling the power of the group. Ilumina is a family, a beautiful tribe of people who are truly committed to their own journey, their own life, self-discovery and connection with others. Tamara has created a safe and nurturing environment in which I felt safe to really express, let go, and explore. Tantra has helped me connect to my true essence, discover who I am, and fall in love with myself.”


What can you expect?

In Art of Tantra, I share highlights from my 15+ years of experience in the field of tantra, somatic sexuality, expanding consciousness and breathwork. It is a journey based on intuition and deep inner work. During this retreat, we will use powerful tools like breathwork, consent and boundary practices, mirroring, temple arts, dance, shadow work, tantric practices, somatics, embodied sexuality techniques, systemic work and conscious touch.

We welcome you into a sacred space filled with ceremony, ritual, joy and devotion. Together we create an open, safe, transparent and sacred bedding in which your journey can unfold.

You’ll receive six all-inclusive days with:

  • Accommodation for 6 nights in a beautiful space that will inspire your journey;

  • An experienced team of facilitators and space holders

  • A transformative experience that will change your life on a deep level

  • An intimate group of like-hearted people that will still be connected after the retreat as well

  • Delicious vegetarian or vegan meals, which are aligned with the journey, in harmony with nature and the seasons. We invite you to nourish your body and yourself with natural, organic and local ingredients and we will show you how you can find your best nutrition through simplicity and conscience. All your meals will be prepared by our medicine chef Nauj and team.

In order to create a safe space and to guide every participant as well as we can, we only have LIMITED AVAILABILITY.

You are most welcome.

What a day in the retreat looks like

  • 8.30 Morning practice

  • 9.30 Breakfast

  • 11.00 Program

  • 13.00 Lunch

  • 15.30 Program

  • 19.00 Dinner

  • 20.30 Evening Program

The art of tantra


Tamara Groen

Lead facilitator

I’m wildly passionate about living in harmony with nature, inviting authenticity into the world, and empowering you to realize your full potential. I am a true, free, sensual, vibrant spirit.

Lexmy and Denise

Lexmy and Denise

Co- facilitators

We both work as coach & facilitator in the realm of Tantric S.ex, Love & Relationships.
We are passionate about the Journey of Life, which is our favourite school – full of rich teachings.



Musician and facilitator

Creates transformational journeys internationally. Guides as a Tantra facilitator and holistic trainer dedicated to the awakening of human consciousness.



Coördinator – emotional support

Full of love for life, nature, ayurveda, yoga and tantra Michelle has guided many souls on their path of lifequestions for over 13 years. From her point of view the answer to most questions…



Medicine chef

Nauj is a medicine chef, wizard with nutrition, re-generator and practical artesanal eco-builder. Nauj was born in a small town in central Spain, in a traditional and humble setting.



1 till 7th october 2023

Check in time day of arrival between 15:00 and 16:00 o’clock
Check out time day of departure latest 11:00 o’clock

We gather together in the beautiful hills of Ibiza…


Booking questions through whatsapp or contact form:

Tamara +31 650 522 086 (whatsapp)

I still have a question!

    Frequently asked questions

    I have no experience in tantra. Can I join this retreat?

    Definitely, you don’t need to have any experience with Tantra. Some experience with i.e. mindfulness, yoga, meditation or other types of spiritual development is useful, but it is not a prerequisite. During this retreat you will be able to do the exercises at your own pace, and you will learn useful exercises and tools you can practice at home. If you are a more experienced practitioner, it can be very valuable to deepen your practice and approach the journey with fresh eyes.

    I am attracted to people of my own gender, is this retreat for me?

    This retreat is open to everyone – men and women (regardless of sexual orientation), non-binary individuals, single and couples.

    How is the support after the retreat?

    There is a community which still meets after the retreat, online and offline. We gather to share, ask each other questions or just to meet up and have fun.

    I use medication to influence my mental state.
    How to deal with this during the retreat?

    Please communicate about this beforehand with one of the facilitators if you are not sure this will influence your experience. For those who decide to join, they do so on their own responsibility.

    Can I have a one-on-one with the facilitator(s)?

    Yes, full private sessions are available to book before or after the retreat. 

     If you need some support during the retreat, the facilitators and team are also available for guidance when wished for.

    Is the retreat mostly practical, or is there theory involved?

    During the retreat we will do exercises, which all come with a short explanation. We invite you to drop fully into your sensations and out of your mind.

    Is the gender ratio maintained in this retreat?

    We make sure there are the same amount of men/women OR more women. Our experience showed that they usually find it easier to work together..

    Do I have to get naked?

    No, and you will never ‘have to’ do anything with us. Nudity can be invited, but will never be obligated. We will always support you when you express a boundary and decide to not join an exercise.

    Is it compulsory to get intimate with one or more people during the retreat?

    You don’t have to get intimate with anyone if you don’t want to. During the retreat we will have exercises which will focus on communicating your boundaries and needs. This is an invitation to learn more about yourself and others, and will give you tools you can use in your daily life.

    I do not have the money at the moment. Is there anything we can arrange?

    There are spread payment plans. If the costs still exceed your means, please contact Tamara so that we can discuss our options.

    Is this retreat for couples or singles only?

    No, this retreat is open for both singles and couples to join.