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Free spirit, natural guide of many paths of life. Tamara creates a container of  FREEDOM, relaxation, trust and SAFETY.

Hi, I’m Tamara,

I’m wildly passionate about living in harmony with nature, inviting authenticity into the world, and empowering you to realize your full potential. I am a true, free, sensual, vibrant spirit.

Working as a Transformational therapeutic Breathwork and Trauma Release Practitioner, a Thai & Tantric Massage Bodyworker, I draw from the lineages of Anahata & Tantra Kriya Yoga, the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and many more.

I organize and facilitate workshops, retreats, private sessions and experiential journeys where you can learn to deepen your connection with yourself & others to practice embracing life fully.

Tamara Groen
Tamara Groen

In my early years, I worked hard to become what the world expected me to be. I had a house in Amsterdam and worked as a sales director for a multinational corporation. I was living the life I was supposed to desire. I suppressed who I was to become what I should be. At the same time, I was not in touch with my emotions and body. Nobody had taught me how to handle difficult feelings when I was younger. My mother died when I was young and I grew up believing I had to “work” for approval. Another huge blow came, when I saw my best friend die right before my eyes.. She was an accident and it really got to me. I found myself feeling lost. I was numbing myself with destructive and addictive habits, all to not feel the stress and anxiety. Until I ended up having a massive burnout. That was a big point in my life. I understood I could not continue living life as I was and  decided to take responsibility for my own life and behavior.

A new journey began – I finally asked myself what I wanted rather than what I should want. I looked at my self-image, my beliefs, my work, my sexuality, my entire life, and started to lay a safe and solid foundation for myself. Feeling the pull towards breathwork and tantra, I began to study their practices. I experienced how they allow me to connect to myself.

To my emotions. My joys. My sorrows. My courage. My truth. To life.

I made the decision to choose freedom and entrepreneurship. I gathered what I learnt over the last 15+ years in what I call “Ilumina Tools For Life”: a set of practices and teachings that help me on my path to freedom. 

Are you ready to dive into the depths of your being? I invite you to join me on this journey. You already know the way. I create the loving space in which you can remember.