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Therapeutic Breathwork

Private Session

A clear road to inner freedom


Do you experience stress and tension in your body on a regular basis? Is your brain racing with distractions, fears, anxieties, worries and to-do lists, making it hard for you to relax completely? Does your breath feel short and high in your chest? Is your emotional stress affecting your physical health? This session will…..

The breath is our most valuable tool, and the best thing is that it’s completely free! And yet we use the potency of our breath minimally. We are all born with normal, healthy breathing. However, over the course of time, stress, disease or any situation that overwhelms our system can influence our breathing pattern. We often breathe too shallowly, too quickly, too high in the chest. Most of our breathing is done unconsciously, and without realizing it, this ‘wrong’ way of breathing disrupts our health, energy levels and emotional state. This becomes a vicious cycle, limiting your creative expression and vitality. But by deep and conscious breathing, you can improve or even heal these conditions yourself.

Conscious connected breathwork allows you to reach deeper into subconscious layers of your being. It helps you to express and process blockages that may be hindering you in your daily life and block your path to freedom. In a loving and gentle way you can change your breathing pattern, and with that you can release blockages, repressed emotions or patterns that no longer serve you. By ‘re-learning’ how to breathe, you may feel more comfortable in your body, more free and alive. You invite more confidence into your life and let go of old patterns and emotions.

On a physiological level, oxygen-rich blood will flow to every cell in your body, improving both your mental and physical health. Your whole system will get an enormous boost. 


Breathing is the center of life. Deeper, connected breathing can give you:

  • More aliveness, vitality and confidence every day

  • A clear understanding of your desires and limiting beliefs and how to handle them

  • Better physical health, vitality and more energy

  • Improved stress management and emotional balance

  • Fresh insights and high levels of creativity

  • Fresh insights and high levels of creativity

  • Relaxation

  • Deeper levels of spiritual connection

  • Greater clarity in all aspects of your life

  • Greater self-compassion

  • Greater joy and celebration

  • An ultimate feeling of inner freedom

Conscious connected breathing is a powerful and self-healing technique. It is a simple tool that can be used anywhere. By breathing consciously, using the techniques that we will work with, you can bring your breathing back to its natural, free state.

Within a safe container, you will begin to soften the tensions in your body that were preventing you from breathing deeply and peacefully Your system starts to learn new patterns of breathing. And with every conscious breath, stress is released from your body.

What to expect during a session?

During a guided therapeutic breathwork session, you will learn how to consciously use your breath to release physical and emotional tensions. Every breathwork journey is unique, and your experience may vary from session to session, but there are a few fixed elements you can expect. You will start lying down, relaxing and breathing normally. You will be guided through conscious connected breathing, which involves connecting your inhale and exhale without pausing. The session is concluded with time to rest and integrate your experience.

Tamara Groen

About Tamara

I will be your guide and facilitator in this session. I am on a mission to empower others to open their heart and live their soul’s purpose. I am a co-founder of Ilumina and am dedicated to supporting you in reconnecting with yourself and your partner.

With 15+ years of experience in both tantra and breathwork, plus a background in business and sales, I embody a balance of spirituality and down-to-earth manifestation.

I am well-known for having a flowing combination of creating a loving space and practicing radical honesty, all with the purpose of helping you to take your life to the next level.


Frequently asked questions

I have no experience with breathwork. Is this workshop for me?

Breathwork is suitable for many people. It can help you breathe with more ease and bring deep release. During the session, it is possible you may experience physical, mental,emotional and/or spiritual sensations. Inform yourself on the contra-indications before you enter the session, and let your health be your guide. If you have any questions as to whether you should join a breathwork session, you can reach out to me.

Can everyone do breathwork?

Conscious breathing is good for everyone. In case you have a heart condition, mental challenge or if you are pregnant please inform your facilitator. If you have asthma you should bring an inhaler. If you are not sure if you can do a breathwork session, please contact me directly with your question.

I use medication to influence my/our mental state. How to deal with this during the session?

Please communicate this beforehand to your facilitator. It is not a problem, but good for your guide to know.

How is the support after the retreat?

If you need some support after the retreat, your facilitator is available.

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