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Lexmy is passionate about making love with life in all its colors, including the uncomfortable sides of ourselves & of life.

With a background in science, business & spirituality, she loves to build bridges between tantra, ancient wisdom, shamanism, psychology, non-violent communication, quantum physics & science.

She loves to work through the portal of love & sexuality as a path to liberation & self-realization. As a certified coach, her mission is to empower people to feel deeply connected & highly alive, with a higher purpose to contribute to the awakening, empowerment & liberation of all living beings.

She brings this into practice with her work as a (tantric) coach for individuals & couples, as the founder of the Sacred (S)exploration (online program), and through organizing & facilitating events like Tantra Festivals & Retreats, Temple Nights, and Naked Ecstatic Dances. 

She is also a secret math & science nerd (with a past in corporate business life), who is extremely fascinated by all the beauty & wonder in our magical Universe.